How we can help your organisation

Safely deliver projects

Jamtek Structural are proud of our safety record. Safety is our number one priority from the time we submit the works proposal through to execution and close-out. All employees are industry and project inducted and provided with all relevant training.

We have received AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001 certification for our safety and environmental management systems. Our safety management system includes project specific Safety Management Plans, Job Safety & Environmental Analysis, induction and toolbox records, incident notification and investigation and extensive works permits and checklists.

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Deliver quality projects

All works are carried out to the highest quality standards. Jamtek Structural has a quality-minded culture meaning that it’s at the fore front of everything we do.

Our QMS is certified against ISO 9001. In a similar manner to our approach to safety, our quality management system includes a project Quality Management Plan, the development and implementation of Inspection and Test Plans and checklists, Corrective Action Reports and toolbox records.

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Deliver projects within programme

Jamtek Structural realise that time is money. It’s not enough to deliver a project within budget; it must be done within the committed time frame. We can work with a client to produce a programme for the works. Alternatively Jamtek can provide a schedule for the client’s approval.

Jamtek will do whatever is necessary to deliver a project to a head contractor’s time frame. When it comes to programme, Jamtek Structural will be accountable to our client.

Deliver projects within budget

Equally important as the points above is cost. Jamtek Structural offers fixed price or schedule of rates terms to allow control or flexibility of budget as required.

Jamtek Structural can provide cost-effective solutions through our experience and innovation. We can work with the client to suggest design alternatives, often saving both time and money.

Project management

As mentioned earlier, our core works are formwork, reinforcement, concrete, remedial works and labour hire. However, we do offer ‘turn key’ solutions where we project manage a clearly defined portion and in some cases your entire scope.

With our experience in the industry we have successfully coordinated all aspects of civil construction projects, handing our client the finished product. This gives the client the ultimate control and comfort over safety, quality, programme and budget.