After working with various construction companies on iconic South Australia and interstate projects, Steve Plamenac founded Jamtek Structural in 2004. From humble beginnings as a sole proprietor, Jamtek Structural steadily grew into one of South Australia’s leading civil construction subcontractors.

In 2006, Jamtek Structural registered with ASIC as a limited liability Australian company. Jamtek Structural has continued to expand, building an impressive list of clients and delivering a diverse range of infrastructure projects.

In the past, we have acted as a specialised subcontractor to tier 1 builders, providing expertise in formwork, reinforcement, concrete and labour hire. Jamtek Structural now offers complete civil and structural packages integrating our core in-situ concrete works with earthworks, supply and installation of structural steel and/or precast concrete, remedial and patching works, applied coatings, labour hire and Project Management. Alternatively, Jamtek Structural can offer pure labour hire or small package scopes.

Additionally, we can undertake commercial building projects. We draw on our own expertise and add specialised trades from our subcontractors. We can manage the design, approval, build and close out process to hand over a finished product.

Finally, Jamtek Structural has been looking to broaden the services offered to Clients to include structural remediation works. As a result, Sacon Pty Ltd has been formed to assist Clients with remedial works to structural and non-structural elements, focusing on crack repair, structural grouting, waterproofing, epoxy injection, applied coatings, structure strengthening and others.

Steve Plamenac

Founder and Director, Steve Plamenac has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. Steve began his career in the industry as an apprentice with Baulderstone. Steve continues to bring drive and innovation to the company through his hands on approach to running the business. Through Steve’s guidance, Jamtek have delivered some of Adelaide’s largest infrastructure projects through South Australia for Australia’s largest civil construction companies.

Anthony Falzon

Construction Manager, Tony Falzon has over 40 years experience in civil construction. Tony has spent 18 years working for Baulderstone and was involved in the construction of many of South Australia’s landmark structures. Tony provides extensive experience and knowledge and is a valuable mentor to our foremen.

Samuel Chemny

General Manager, Sam Chemny has worked for Thiess and Baulderstone before joining Jamtek Structural as our Engineer in 2013. Sam is now our General Manager, responsible for our Project Managers, liaising with clients and coordinating our workforce and subcontractors.